Stolen by Becca Vincenza

This book is so Amazing to read! I was so blown away by this story, it’s hard for me to express how wonderful this is.
This is best read after you have read Damaged. This series is one you will love,each book Becca creates will have you so spellbound with the paranormal world and we get to learn about all the different paranormal beings, and what they can do. Now for the review!
This book hit every emotion I had in me! Drake is a Dragon-shifter and when he meet a Were-shifter Coy, neither wanting to belong to any Clan, they keep their distance from Clan cause of bad experiences. They have a baby girl Audery, but during childbirth Drake isn’t able to save both, but his little baby girl is a live.
Xavier is a Gargoyle, and he is trying to protect the elder paranormal races. Xavier has been trying to keep a eye on Drake for some time, knowing he might be the last of his kind. But, Xavier has other reasons he’s been watching because of the special bond they have together.
Drake let’s Xavier stay and help with Audery, while Drake deals with the death of Coy. This books you get read how Drake has to fight the Dragon side of him, it is written so creative and you start to understand why Drake is the way he is. Then on the other side, Xavier has loved and known that Drake is his true-mate, even if Drake hasn’t admitted he feels it too. This is one book I am so happy I read, Becca Vincenza gives us such amazing story a paranormal novella of love, hurt, trust, understanding, and unconditional bond of love! This book has it all, I will say this is one that is a must read!! This is one of my TOP Favorites of paranormal romance genre!! This book I so recommend it, you will enjoy it from beginning to the last page is read!!


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